In the spring of 2011, Håkan Dackefjord was out on his routine run when he spotted a brand-new bicycle leaning against a tree. Every day for the next week he passed by the same bicycle, leaning against the tree untouched. Seeing the bicycle in this way made him wonder if it had been stolen or misplaced. Either way, it was a terrible waste of such a brilliant piece of equipment.

It was this thought that got Håkan thinking. What if you knew where your valuables were, and what was happening to them? It’s obviously not the first time someone had that thought… but why aren’t we seeing any solutions on the market?

To answer these questions, Håkan began researching location technology and current solutions in the market. He soon realized that the IoT technologies of the day were competing within two distinct positioning categories – indoor and outdoor. The indoor positioning market was filled with LPLAN solutions while the outdoor positioning market consisted mainly of satellite and cellular technologies – neither of which were suitable to track objects like bikes, tools or machines.

Thinking about the bike he understood that a multitude of objects to be tracked within the IoT space would be moving – and specifically moving between the indoor and outdoor spheres, and in complex environments such as cities or construction sites. A viable asset tracking system would therefore need to be able to work successfully within every type of environment. Unfortunately, no such tracking system existed.

In 2013, Wittra® Sweden AB was founded as a consequence of the team’s tireless research, insight, and ongoing development. Since that time, Wittra® technology has gained significant traction in the IoT industry and received several prestigious awards for its ground-breaking technology in location intelligence. This technology is currently protected by 51 patents, making it possible to seamlessly track assets between the indoor and outdoor spheres, no matter what the environment. The next step has been to utilize emerging standards to create products with the right market fit. As a result, Wittra® is on the verge of launching its first applications into the market, providing a simple, practical solution for keeping track of your things. All thanks to a bicycle.

Wittra Technology Platform

How is it done then?

The key issues that Wittra® solves are reliable indoor positioning and minimizing the power consumption for positioning outdoors. By utilizing specific ISM frequencies together with patented positioning techniques. The low power radio chips have been developed to support long-range sub-GHz narrow band communication, time of flight distance measurements, context awareness and location accuracy. All optimized in a system for you to deploy by licensing our technology or buying the products.

In the low power personal area network Wittra uses 6LowPAN. With 6LowPAN we can leverage the success of existing open protocols which have been proven during the last 40 years. 




Movement sensors

Location Engine



Wittra works with three types of solutions. For more information contact anders.larsson@wittra.se.


Wittra Within® is a solution where the customer builds in the Wittra technology and/or hw in their own product or solution. Wittra sell the technology (licenses), development resource and support.


Wittra Solution is a solution where Wittra takes the lead and main responsibility for a project for the delivery of a solution and for the integration with the existing infrastructure. Large and lengthy projects where split delivers are common.


Products and solutions which are verified and tested. To be delivered directly from hw supplier with a minimum of adaptation. Adaptation should be time limited (branding, ,GUI adaptations).


Latest news from Wittra

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Håkan Dackefjord

CEO at Wittra Sweden AB

Innovation - Lower investment risk

The core Wittra® technology is protected by 51 granted and pending patents across 12 patent families. This IP portfolio supports current and future business models based on licensing the technology and knowhow. Using Wittra® technology through licensing models or buying the products gets your product to the market quickly and overcomes most of the technical issues in the IoMT, with a low investment risk. Wittra® is your IoT partner in the ecosystem for your Internet of Moving Things projects, from start to finish.

“Wittra has done something astonishing by conducting positioning like nothing we have seen before. This company is truly born inventive”
Andreas Wennermark
Patent Attorney for Wittra®

At Wittra® we really believe in what we are doing, so we provide you with a low-risk path into these new technology frontiers through our growing patent portfolio.

Patents and inventiveness are the keys to protect your investment in us.

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