"Where is my stuff and what is it doing?"

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Making the workplace more sustainable and productive

"Where is my stuff and what is it doing?"

Wittra delivers sensor and positioning data from the Wittra Sensor Tags, over the Wittra Network to the Wittra Cloud Service. Wittra IoT Solution enables users to monitor and measure activity and status and position their key assets.

Wittra works with partners who can accelerate their business by performing data analytics, and building value-based applications and services based on delivered data. Wittra partners don’t have to care about the infrastructure with hardware devices, routers, gateways and the network.

We believe in delivering highly valuable data and to speed-up application and service development to make the digitization of the industry happen.

Let us together make the workplace more sustainable and productive!

Challenging Environment

The Wittra IoT Solution targets challenging environments in Construction, Industrial Rental, Inventory Management and other Markets. It enables users to collect sensor and positioning data from key assets to ensure reliable operation, improve support and maintenance, and be more productive by saving time and money.

Wittra utilizes specific radio communication technologies together with patented techniques to provide better coverage through tough radio environments such as multi-level buildings, construction sites, warehouses, factories and diverse industrial sites. 

Wittra IoT Solution delivers one solution for moving between an indoor and outdoor environment.

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