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Wittra partners don’t need to worry about the infrastructure behind the solution. We take care of the technology so you can accelerate your customers' businesses by performing data analytics and build value-based applications and services from the delivered data.

Where is my stuff and what is it doing?
Let us help you make workplaces more sustainable and productive by answering that question

The Wittra IoT Solution targets a variety of markets that all face the common challenge of being able to quickly and easily implement an IoT solution. The Wittra IoT Solution enables users to collect sensor and positioning data from key assets to ensure reliable and sustainable operations, improve support and maintenance, and be more productive by saving time and money.

Testimonials from customers

For a long time, ELCOM has been interested in Wittra's technology which is highly innovative. Only imagination sets the boundaries for where and in what applications this technology can be used. Many customers, such as industrial companies, construction companies and machine rental companies, have shown interest and ELCOM will soon install Wittra for customers for testing and evaluation.

Örjan Nilsson,


Swedish elderly care is facing the biggest challenge since the Elderly Reform and new smart technology is not only a prerequisite, but a must in order to meet that challenge, both in quality of care and in the economy. The next 15 years are a huge challenge for staff, municipalities, the state and county councils. We believe that we can contribute to increased person-centered care, a better work environment, healthier financial management with tax funds and a safer everyday life for everyone who is in need, in contact with, or working in elderly care. “Haimdall Systems sees great opportunities together with Wittra to develop elderly care and home service with smarter, simpler technology on open platforms. Wittra's modular technology and great potential with dual communication methods create outstanding redundancy, incredibly high reliability and external communication outside existing networks.

Kristoffer Andersson,

CEO Haimdall Systems


April 6, 2021

Wittra in cooperation with Armand Duplantis

February 16, 2021

Wittra joins Mioty Alliance.

February 9, 2021

Wittra new member of Fujitsu Ecosystem Platform