Get Your IoT-System Up And Running In Minutes – IoT Out Of The Box Is Here!

May 29, 2020

Here at Wittra we’d like to help you work smarter. We know the trouble companies and business owners with portable equipment have with monitoring, locating, and controlling their assets. That’s why we have developed technology and solutions that will let you find your things quickly, prevent theft and misuse, predict support and maintenance, and improve and prolong your asset life-cycle and investment. Our intelligent software and secure sensors will let you control your assets so you can work more efficiently.

The important thing with this kind of IoT-solutions is that they are reliable and easy to use and set up. They are supposed to make things more efficient after all. That’s why Wittra together with TT Electronics has launched a convenient plug-and-play solution - the IOT OUT OF THE BOX kit - for rapid IoT implementation. This kit is easy to use, and it will allow you to quickly connect, monitor and locate your equipment and assets in harsh radio environments. This ready-to-use solution is already in use out in the field, and there’s a rapidly growing interest in the product.


The IOT OUT OF THE BOX is a wireless sensor network development kit with a cloud-based API that can be deployed very quickly on your site to monitor your objects and assets. This solution makes it very easy for you to connect, locate and sense your assets, even in the toughest environments such as heavy industrial sites, or environments where the equipment is moving between indoor and outdoor. This is possible because the solution is using sub-GHz frequency bands that provides a long transmission range, and also enables the signal to penetrate dense building infrastructure and other obstacles. Nothing will get in the way of letting you know where your stuff is and what it is doing.

The IOT OUT OF THE BOX kit comes with pre-certified hardware, and it is secure, easy to deploy, and ready for you to use out in the field.

When you open the box you will find all that you need to immediately start monitoring your assets. A gateway with wireless internet or cable connection is connecting everything in the solution. Small and efficient sensors (IP67 and ready for the toughest environment) with a long-life rechargeable battery for monitoring and keeping track of your equipment. Network mesh routers that makes it easy for you to scale the network depending on your future needs. The kit comes with a cloud-based API, which enables your assets - such as industrial equipment, tools, and vehicles - to be monitored and to provide you with data on their location, movement, usage, temperature and more.

This will allow for a rapid IoT implementation in difficult environments and in areas with poor coverage. Reliable and easy to use – just as IoT should be.


The IOT OUT OF THE BOX kit has been developed in collaboration with TT Electronics - a global supplier of electronics developed for performance-critical applications. Our plug-and-play solution for quick and simple IoT implementation is built from TT Electronics’ expertise in hardware development and design and their unique manufacturing skills, together with Wittra’s vision and intelligent software.

Thomas Bennet, CEO of Wittra, is very happy with this collaboration, and the results. ”With IOT OUT OF THE BOX, we have solved an important IoT challenge for equipment that is either physically located behind heavy industrial structures, or that is moving between indoor and outdoor environments, tunnels and other areas where traditional IoT technology lose functionality”, says Bennet. “Our product, developed in collaboration with TT Electronics, provides the mass market with a simple but very effective solution to this common challenge for equipment monitoring. Our combined expertise has proven to be a powerful force in the exciting IoT world.”

Charlie Peppiatt, EVP at TT Electronics, agrees. “In IoT, speed to connect is crucial. While IoT development kits are not a new concept, IOT OUT OF THE BOX offers a unique and complete kit with everything an end user needs to get an IoT system up and running in minutes. It has the latest communication protocols, robust hardware design and it is easy to scale the system by completing the kit to meet new requirements.”


While IOT OUT OF THE BOX is fresh out on the market, there is already a great interest in the product. The kits have so far been delivered to customers within the construction, healthcare and electricity industries.

“What we are seeing now is a clear acknowledgment that our product meets the needs of our customers within a number of different industries.” says Thomas Bennet. “We offer a unique and complete kit with everything an end user would need in order to get an IoT system up and running within minutes. Now we are accelerating further to meet the market demand.”

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TT Electronics is a global supplier of electronics developed for performance-critical applications. TT Electronics designs and manufactures a wide range of electronics for sensors, power management and wireless communications in industrial, medical, space and defence systems, and the transport sector.