The Wittra IoT solution is based on open standards and protocols from standard networks and components which provide our partners and the customers with a scalable and reliable solution based on Internet technology.  

The solution is running in a Low-power Wireless Network based on 6LoWPAN – a revolutionary networking technology that allows data to be carried efficiently over radio links. Decades of IP technology and wireless network development have been brought together and allow for a more efficient and affordable way to collect and transmit data at job sites. With 6LoWPAN it’s possible to connect more things to the cloud through low-power wireless sensors, making it much easier to keep track of valuable assets.

Wittra has developed a technology for Moving Things. Our solution is utilizing specific ISM frequencies, together with patented positioning techniques to track and monitor assets with a large coverage, penetration of tough building materials, and a high accuracy. The technology reaches everywhere, with high precision, letting you know where your stuff is and what it’s doing at all times – no matter how much it is moving around.

The low power radio chips in the sensors have been developed to support long-range communication, distance measurements, context awareness and location accuracy – all optimized in a simple solution for you to deploy and start using out-of-the-box.