Wittra Problem to Solution

“Where is my stuff and what is it doing?” That’s the question we hear over and over again from companies and business owners with portable assets. Wittra helps answer that question. We provide smart solutions that will let you monitor, locate and control your assets so you can work more efficiently.

We bring a new way of creating and deploying IoT solutions based on internet technology. Wittra Sense IT and Find IT are unique tools that finally make IoT work in challenging environments in Construction, Rental, Inventory and other industries.

Wittra lets you be more sustainable and productive
● Scalable and secure infrastructure with large coverage and building-penetration capability
● Works both indoors and outdoors, perfect for moving assets

Wittra helps you save time and money
● Find your assets quickly
● Prevent theft and misuse, predict support and maintenance

Wittra gives you superior user experience and quality
● Easy to use, operate and support
● Improve and prolong your asset life-cycle and investment