Wittra partner solution

We can give you a complete solution for keeping track of your assets, even when they move in challenging environments. Wittra offers a scalable, secure and certified sensor and positioning network solution. Get started quickly with ready-to-use low-power TrakSense360, mesh-routers and gateways. We deliver hardware, network and a cloud service that will give you high value data for monitoring, location, data storage, data analytics and application, and service creation.

Wittra will give you smarter customer solutions. We provide our partners with a cloud service for building applications and services through an API. Easy to manage!

Wittra will help you reduce development and operational costs
● Quick and easy application development cycle. Weeks become days!
● Future proof. Simply extend with new click-on sensors to save time and cost

Wittra will speed up the time-to-market and time-to-customers
● Build comprehensive, cost-efficient and competitive solutions
● Based on open standards and protocols for quick and easy interoperability and integration

Wittra will give you increased uptime and availability
● Easy to install, integrate, support, and maintain!
● Get up and running and in operation within minutes!