Wittra Sensor Tag


In order to better describe the functionality of our products the sensor tag is to be renamed TrakSense360 which better reflects its capabilities as a sub-GHz tracker with built in sensing.

The Wittra purpose is still easy and fast deployment with pre-cerftified hardware and we believe that changing the name to TrakSense360 gives more clarification.

We want the users to Connect, Sense and Locate their assets om the toughest environments.

The Wittra TrakSense360 contains several integrated sensors, positioning functions and modern radio and communication technologies. It delivers sensor data and other information for example, monitoring and measuring the activity and status and find the position of your key asset.

The Wittra TrakSense360 comes with accessories to make it easy to use and attach to your assets both in an indoor and outdoor environment. The sensor tag is automatically connected and registered to the Wittra low-power IP-based wireless mesh network.

The Wittra TrakSense360 is future-proof by design to easily extend and click-on new sensors.

IOT SENSOR TECHNOLOGY, In Wittra TrakSense360 or embedded into other manufacturers’ appliances includes:

  • Vibration
  • Movement
  • Orientation
  • Tilt
  • Fall
  • Shock
  • Temperature
  • + Other modular sensors