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The costs of the sustainable development is estimated at around 5-7 trillion US$ per year, however the sum of global financial assets adds up to 200 trillion US$. At Wittra we are focused on helping improve this ratio through the reallocation of sustainable equity – Through the use of Wittra’s Network- and hardware solution in your business you too can contribute towards sustainability goals raising the unique “sustainability value” of your company and connecting these values to your corporate social responsibilities which we believe help you gain a stronger market presence.

Sustainability Report

The enabling effect of Wittra ́s technology

Wittra carries an inherent sustainability effect, meaning a primary saving will almost always result, either on-site or up- and down-stream in the value chain.

In addition to efficiency gains, Wittra adds significant value to your sustainability performances and is proven across various  markets and throughout the value chain.

Through the use of the Wittra’s track and trace technology it is possible to anticipate events making data driven decisions enhancing organisational efficiencies.

Tagging assets to ensure total visibility reduces the risks of theft and enhances predicative maintenance and drives productivity using an automated workflow system.

Reduced costs can be gained on a number of levels through the use of Wittra's total asset visibility approach which enhances resource usage both fixed and mobile. 

Additionally, Wittra simplifies the complexity of any IoT project driving you strait to 'Proof of Value' with a predetermined cost and immediate ROI. 


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