The WITTRA NETWORK offers you to easily scale, install, connect and position TrakSense360 on a large site through a secure and scalable network. The Wittra network leverages standard technologies based on open standards and protocols and can operate both over wireless and wired connections. The networks connects seamlessly to market leading cloud platforms.

Wittra’s TrakSense360, mesh-routers and gateway are running in IP-based low-power wireless mesh networks based on 6LoWPAN, Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) over IEEE 802.15.4g in the Sub-GHz RF band. Wittra’s belief is that short-range radio access technology will be based on internet IP protocol, IPv6 and thus protocols, for example 6LoWPAN. There are many things to gain for a customer such as integration and interoperability with other wireless networks and cellular technologies, and in the future 5G. It makes it possible to operate and manage so many different applications without having to deploy separate networks and other specifics for these applications

The Wittra network offers excellent scalability, security, range, coverage and penetration of signals both in an indoor and outdoor environment.