Wittra technology offers a range of useful functionalities, such as positioning, sensor data and Tool Lock. With the built in Geofencing functionality, you can easily keep track of your equipment, so you know where it is at all times. Worried about your tools being stolen? Receive an instant alert whenever they leave the site. With Wittra Tool Lock, you can also lock and unlock tools wherever they may be, as well as deciding when they can be used, and by whom - making it easier and safer to manage your team on site.

Wittra Tool Lock is a Patented technology that can be built into all kinds of machinery to elevate its functionality. Wittra Tool Lock is based on radio technology that works everywhere, even in harsh environments such as construction sites, where the network must cover a larger area and be able to penetrate concrete structures.

With Tool Lock, you can lock and unlock the machine wherever it may be. And timing is up to you too: you decide which tools and machines are used and when. When connected to a Wittra network, you can easily track your tools and machines. And you can see right away where they are.

In addition, Tool Lock can provide your business and production systems with various valuable data. For example, how long the tool was used for, if it was damaged or handled incorrectly. And you can also monitor other sensor data such as temperature and humidity to monitor the tool's working environment.

Wittra Tool Lock adds new functionality that helps to increase productivity and security, minimise downtime, reduce theft, and facilitate administration. This makes your production goals so much easier to reach. Wittra Technology provides positioning, sensor data and Tool Lock – in one single network solution.

The IoT Challenge

“Where is my stuff and what is it doing?” That’s the question we hear over and over again from companies and business owners with portable assets. Wittra helps answer that question. We provide smart solutions that will let you monitor, locate and control your assets so you can work more efficiently.

We bring a new way of creating and deploying IoT solutions based on internet technology. Wittra Sense IT and Find IT are unique tools that finally make IoT work in challenging environments in Construction, Rental, Inventory and other industries.

Wittra lets you be more sustainable and productive
● Scalable and secure infrastructure with large coverage and building-penetration capability
● Works both indoors and outdoors, perfect for moving assets

Wittra helps you save time and money
● Find your assets quickly
● Prevent theft and misuse, predict support and maintenance

Wittra gives you superior user experience and quality
● Easy to use, operate and support
● Improve and prolong your asset life-cycle and investment

The IoT Solution

We can give you a complete solution for keeping track of your assets, even when they move in challenging environments. Wittra offers a scalable, secure and certified sensor and positioning network solution. Get started quickly with ready-to-use low-power sensor tags, mesh-routers and gateways. We deliver hardware, network and a cloud service that will give you high value data for monitoring, location, data storage, data analytics and application, and service creation.

Wittra will give you smarter customer solutions. We provide our partners with a cloud service for building applications and services through an API. Easy to manage!

Wittra will help you reduce development and operational costs
● Quick and easy application development cycle. Weeks become days!
● Future proof. Simply extend with new click-on sensors to save time and cost

Wittra will speed up the time-to-market and time-to-customers
● Build comprehensive, cost-efficient and competitive solutions
● Based on open standards and protocols for quick and easy interoperability and integration

Wittra will give you increased uptime and availability
● Easy to install, integrate, support, and maintain!
● Get up and running and in operation within minutes!

Technology Evolution

The Wittra IoT solution is based on open standards and protocols from standard networks and components which provide our partners and the customers with a scalable and reliable solution based on Internet technology.  

The solution is running in a Low-power Wireless Network based on 6LoWPAN – a revolutionary networking technology that allows data to be carried efficiently over radio links. Decades of IP technology and wireless network development have been brought together and allow for a more efficient and affordable way to collect and transmit data at job sites. With 6LoWPAN it’s possible to connect more things to the cloud through low-power wireless sensors, making it much easier to keep track of valuable assets.

Wittra has developed a technology for Moving Things. Our solution is utilizing specific ISM frequencies, together with patented positioning techniques to track and monitor assets with a large coverage, penetration of tough building materials, and a high accuracy. The technology reaches everywhere, with high precision, letting you know where your stuff is and what it’s doing at all times – no matter how much it is moving around.

The low power radio chips in the sensors have been developed to support long-range communication, distance measurements, context awareness and location accuracy – all optimized in a simple solution for you to deploy and start using out-of-the-box.


Equipment and environments like trucks, storage facilities, and factories are likely to use standardized networks that can support different types of sensors and the new cellular networks that will come (5G etc).

We believe these networks will be based on open standards that make them useful not only for the sensors but also for after-market and third party devices that require network access. In the future, the communication part of our solution will most likely be supported by already deployed data networks. Wittra’s belief is that these standards will be based on the internet IPv6 protocol that 6LoWPAN is based on.

6LoWPAN operates equally well over both wireless and wired connections. This makes things much easier for the customer when lots of different applications don’t have to use separate networks.


The core of the Wittra technology is protected by more than 50 granted and pending patents across 12 patent families.

This patent portfolio supports current and future business models based on licensing the technology and the knowhow.

Using Wittra® technology through licensing models or buying the products gets your product to the market quickly and overcomes most of the technical issues in the IoT, all with a low investment risk.

At Wittra® we truly believe in what we are doing, that’s why we provide you with a low-risk path to the new technology frontier through our growing patent portfolio.

Wittra® is your IoT partner in the ecosystem for your Internet of Things projects, from start to finish.


The WITTRA NETWORK offers you to easily scale, install, connect and position sensor tags on a large site through a secure and scalable network. The Wittra network leverages standard technologies based on open standards and protocols and can operate both over wireless and wired connections. The networks connects seamlessly to market leading cloud platforms.

Wittra’s sensor tags, mesh-routers and gateway are running in IP-based low-power wireless mesh networks based on 6LoWPAN, Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) over IEEE 802.15.4g in the Sub-GHz RF band. Wittra’s belief is that short-range radio access technology will be based on internet IP protocol, IPv6 and thus protocols, for example 6LoWPAN. There are many things to gain for a customer such as integration and interoperability with other wireless networks and cellular technologies, and in the future 5G. It makes it possible to operate and manage so many different applications without having to deploy separate networks and other specifics for these applications

The Wittra network offers excellent scalability, security, range, coverage and penetration of signals both in an indoor and outdoor environment.