The key issues that Wittra® solves are reliable indoor positioning and minimizing the power consumption for positioning outdoors. By utilizing specific ISM frequencies together with patented positioning techniques, Wittra® can track items kilometers from a base station with very low power consumption and outstanding accuracy. The low power radio chips have been developed to support long-range sub-GHz narrow band communication, time of flight distance measurements, context awareness and location accuracy. All optimized in a system for you to deploy by licensing our technology or buying the products.

This solution is based on standardized networks, open standards IETF and IEEE and, as far as possible, standard components which provide Wittra, channels and the customer with a scalable, reliable and available solution based on Internet technology. The Wittra solution is running in a large scaled Low-power Wireless Networks based on 6LoWPAN, Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) over IEEE 802.15.4g in the Sub-1 GHz low-power RF band (868MHz for Europe). 6LoWPAN radically changes the IoT landscape, to enable transmission of IPv6 datagrams over IEEE 802.15.4 radio links.


Looking a few years into the future, it is likely that wireless networks will continue to develop and be deployed in different scenarios. The idea of IoT and sensors are not unique to Wittra, it is an ongoing, general development in the industry. There is likely to exist general, standardized networks in e.g. trucks, storage facilities, factories, etc, to support different types of sensors and new cellular network will come such as 5G. It is our belief that these networks will be based on open standards, so as to be useful not only for the sensors that comes with e.g. a truck or car when you buy it, but also for after market and 3rd party devices that may require network access. This means that in some future, the communication part of our offering may be supported by already deployed data networks and need to fit into these networks.

Wittra’s belief is that such standards for short-range radio access technology will be based on the internet IP protocol, IPv6 and thus protocol 6LoWPAN (there may be others, like LPWAN, Thread, these are just the obvious examples). The 6LoWPAN standard employs the IPv6 protocol and can operate equally well over wireless and wired connections. There are many things to gain for a customer and from a network and technology perspectives being able to handle as many different applications as possible without having to deploy separate networks and other specifics for these applications. All this, with support from the industry, in integration and interoperability between different network technologies will make the combination possible in the future, of a long-range but often cost-intensive protocol, 5G or others with a short-range radio access technology, 802.15.4 and provider-less protocol 6LoWPAN. The cellular network may be used to bridge connectivity to the device or vice versa by means of combining long-range and short range networks and protocols. Wireless connectivity beyond the local, short-range area is then provided via a gateway nodes.


The core Wittra® technology is protected by 51 granted and pending patents across 12 patent families. This IP portfolio supports current and future business models based on licensing the technology and knowhow. Using Wittra® technology through licensing models or buying the products gets your product to the market quickly and overcomes most of the technical issues in the IoMT, with a low investment risk. Wittra® is your IoT partner in the ecosystem for your Internet of Moving Things projects, from start to finish.

Wittra has done something astonishing by conducting positioning like nothing we have seen before. This company is truly born inventive

Andreas Wennermark

Patent Attorney for Wittra®

At Wittra® we really believe in what we are doing, so we provide you with a low-risk path into these new technology frontiers through our growing patent portfolio.

Patents and inventiveness are the keys to protect your investment in us.