Wittra technology offers a range of useful functionalities, such as positioning, sensor data and Tool Lock. With the built in Geofencing functionality, you can easily keep track of your equipment, so you know where it is at all times. Worried about your tools being stolen? Receive an instant alert whenever they leave the site boundary. With Wittra Tool Lock, you can also lock and unlock tools wherever they may be, as well as deciding when they can be used, and by whom - making it easier and safer to manage your team on site.

Wittra’s network covers the whole project site, for the entire duration of the project. With radio waves able to penetrate complex structures, the network hardware can be set up along the site boundaries. This way, there is no need to rearrange the network set up in an ever-changing construction environment.

Wittra technology can also provide your business and production systems with valuable data. How much power did your tools consume today? How long were they used for? Where have they been used? What is the condition of the tool?

You can easily monitor sensor data such as temperature, humidity, power consumption, and more, to gain valuable insights into tool efficiency. Automated data collection can also assist in setting appropriate service intervals for the tool. Not only is the Wittra technology keeping your equipment and people safe, it’s also making your production goals easier to reach, in time and under budget.

Wittra Technology provides positing, sensor data and Tool Lock – in one single network solution.

Wittra Tool lock


Make sure equipment is not lost or forgotten by knowing if your things are in the service vehicle or not. This leads to increased efficiency and useful aggregated data.

It’s a Friday afternoon. Vincent looks at his wrist watch, thinking about his son. Just one more job before he can leave for the weekend. It should be a quick one. He approaches his service car carrying the necessary equipment from the company inventory. After putting it in the back he is off. It’s a 20 minute drive but a day like this it felt like 5. He turns the engine off and opens his notebook. He curses to himself. He forgot the ladder! Now he must drive back and forth to the inventory again and he will be late. Again. Almost an hour is wasted.  


Increase efficiency in production by keeping track of essential equipment and parts of production. It leads to less downtime and possible further improvements due to gathered data.


Use sensors to reduce downtime and start with preventive maintenance.

It’s an autumn evening. The traffic is busy. Vincent glances at his monitors. At least the traffic is running smoothly. Late trains today would mess up the beautiful flow. Vincent likes a beautiful flow on his monitors. It feels comforting. He takes a zip of his coffee and notices a blinking light. A train is slowing down. Something must be wrong. He calls the train and gets the bad news. An error with the breaks is forcing them to stop and change train. Vincent gets to work. He has done this many times before. He knows what to do but it will take time and the passengers must change to replacement buses. Bad for everyone. If only they could know how the trains were doing and preemptively service them?


Keep workers safe and increase efficiency in mines by keeping track of things inside and outside the mine.

It’s around lunchtime in the mine when he hears the sound of the alarm. Vincent looks at his monitors. He’s not sure whether it’s a false alarm or not. The smoke alarm in sector 13 is going off. He glances at the monitors again and calls the supervisor. They already started to evacuate the mine. That’s good but it’s hard to know if everyone is really up and where the equipment is. Vincent would have benefited from a better overview.


Keep things and people safe on the boat with a man over board system.

It’s a dark night outside the coast of Miami. Vincent is getting the yacht ready for the next group of people together with his crew. A boat like this must be perfect when arriving to the port. It’s hard work and sometimes the wind can make it difficult. One of the crew members is scrubbing the outer deck when a large wave hits the side of the yacht. Vincent freezes. Sam is gone!